Selected Projects

Product Design

dij - Brass Products / 2020

Product Design, Branding, Product Photography and Film, Web Design

This is a collaboration with the metal craft company, 'dij' which specialises in the brass production.I have involved in several aspects of projects such as design concepts, materials, costs, and promotions. Every product is designed under the concept of ‘mass’ and ‘ heaviness’ by taking advantage of the caving method in the unique production process.

精密金属加工会社 dijにおいて、プロダクトのデザインからウェブを含めたプロモーションまで幅広くデザイン。塊から削り出す製法を生かし、’重量感’と’素材本来の良さ’を一貫したコンセプトとしてデザインを進めている。

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