Vilnius National Concert Hall

International Competition/ Vilnius, Lithuania

The new concert hall perches on top of the hill which has the panoramic view to the new and old parts of Vilnius. Inspired by the traditional rooftops of Vilnius, the folded geometry of inclined wall planes and floor slabs blur the definition of inside and outside and create a place of movement. This enables the visitors to enjoy listening to impromptu concerts, seeing an exhibition, and eating and drinking without necessarily going into the mainconcert hall. Within the skin of the building, the main concert hall sits in the orientation to the cemetery and tree tops allowing the views and natural light coming through a high level window.

Gianni Botsford Architects

Site / Concept
Tauras Hill, Vilnius
The site is situated on top of Tauras Hill surrounded by the nature of the park and the cemetery. The proposal will offer a series of layers floating in the landscape to create platform / belvedere in all directions.
The proposed concert hall is conceived as an iconic building with the calm simplicity of the materiality. Monumental, crafted, single planes of concrete walls and floor are set to the glazing walls, which manipulate the  natural light and in-out space. The section is arranged on three above ground levels and one basement level determined by the three entries to the main concert hall. This allows for a vibrant environment of 11 metre high space on top floor accommodating the small hall, main hall access, terrace, and cafe looking int
Design Process
The project has been developed from the perspectives of circulations, views, natural light, and facade.
Natural Light