Balancing Cube

Graduation Project / March 2, University of Brighton

Nature constantly changes its forms and environments over the time, and it influences our living environments. The project aims to settle community in the Ashdown Forest with the optimistic ambition of future. The architectural proposal has been developed through the investigation of how architecture could respond to natural changes.
The scientist community will be introduced with the aspiration of self-sufficiency in the forest, and they aim to increase self-sufficiency by collecting the data of changing elements in nature. The proposal accommodates the community, and its primitive forms play a role in capturing nature with irregularity as opposite entities.

Retro Innovation
The project is initiated with traditional Japanese pagoda in which reciprocal relationship between nature and architecture is embedded. This led to the concept of flexibility in architecture. The investigation is developed through retro innovation: gyroscope and wood joint.
Site / Community
Forest Edge Movement

Site Investigation focuses on natural changing conditions resulted from forest edge movement in the Ashdown forest. Research is conducted to different stages of the forest over the time as well as current environments. This aims to specify natural changes in the site for architectural proposition to adapt.
Scientific Forest Research and Self-sufficient Lifestyle

Self sufficient scientists community is settled in the Ashdown forest. Their lifestyle would develop according to surrounding environments and data of the forest they collect. Their measurement methods and functional needs for transient lifestyle are investigated.
Primitive Form: Cube

Cube is explored as a primitive form in relation to irregularity of the forest. Forms with regularity helps to understand and measure changing entities of the forest. Design of proposition is developed based on hypothesis: the systems through regularity allow architecture to have flexibility and adaptability to irregularity.
Architectural Proposal in relation to Forest and Community

Final images are illustrated to demonstrate how proposition alter the existing environment. Moreover, the relationship with forest and community is proposed through key views and drawings.
Light Weight Timber Structure

Technical research is conducted to help to define forms of proposition. Light weight timber structure is investigated in addition to gyroscopic system. This aims to address technical issues for specific forms of proposal, additionally, to minimise environmental impact on surroundings.