Venice Biennale

Installation at Gaggiandre / Venice, Italy

This project proposes the installation interacting with the sunlight and the water reflection at the dockyard, Gaggiandre which is the part of Venice Biennale. The unique phenomenon to be observed in this place is that the sunlight is reflected on the water and projected onto the ceilings and columns. Whole atmosphere created by the reflected light has been changed over the time. ​The proposed interventions enhance this atmosphere throughout the investigation on the continuous movement and the form of the reflected light.

Gianni Botsford Architects

Site Analysis
The sunlight and the water Reflection​The shape of the reflected light on the water varies over the seasons due to the positions of the sun. In summer, the smaller reflected lights are created and stay near the arches because of higher position of the sun, in contrast, winter sun produces larger shape of the light on the water and it bounces further the interior space.

The minimum form of arches that can let light come onto the water
the transition of the shape of the reflected light
The intervention controls the light coming through aches and it creates the perfect circle at the particular time of the year.
The perfect circles are formed consecutively on each arches.
The perfect circles are formed from one arches and this makes the circle stand out by contrast from the other forms of arches.
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