Polesden Lacey

Competition for the National Trust / England, UK

This is an architectural competition that asks for a new iconic restaurant and facilities at Polesden Lacey. This place has values in beautiful gardens and the valley in front of the Regency house, however, these elements are not necessarily well connected. The proposed restaurant provides the relaxed atmosphere created by its natural form taken from the memory of the valley, and the new surrounding landscape offers outstanding views from the restaurant and also suggests new routes throughout the whole site to enhance the values of this place.

Site / Concept
Value of the place / the valleys, gardens
Concept / transferring the memory of valley

Light weight and gentle curved roofallows people to look out various directions.Timber CLT panels and layered glulam beams creates column free space.The restaurant offers the outside covered seating space which integrates outside and inside spaces. ​

Landscape / Itinerary

The new paths are introduced as a part of landscape in order to reinvigorate the whole site by connecting the proposed restaurant and existing gardens. They suggest various routes for the visitors to explore, and create an unique experience throughout the whole site.